Fall Green Market

Thursday, October 8, 2015

At the green market they have these amazing cider doughnuts that are just delicious. It is basically fried dough in little balls covered in sugar and cinnamon.
       Every fall there is a Green Market in West Palm Beach. It has food, plants, sweets, and other cute little things. If you are a local in South Florida, you should defiantly stop here on a Saturday morning/afternoon (when it is in season) to check out the Green Market on Clematis.  In Florida it is so lovely during the fall, the weather is cooler so it is more enjoyable to walk around. Recently I went to the green market and I took a bunch of photos of the food I ate and the area I walked around in. Here is a little sneak peek of what it is like here at the green market.

The cider doughnuts come in a walk around cone for $5 and there is about ten in a cone. The first thing I eat at the green market are those cider doughnuts in a walk around cone so then I can explore the other foods they have for lunch.

Because it is fall, you can obviously expect to see some pumpkins here and there.